Creating a Project

Learn how to create a project and populate it with UK Biobank data.

On the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform, all work takes place in the context of a project. Projects allow a defined set of users to:

  • Access specific datasets

  • Conduct analyses on these datasets

Once you have access to the Platform, start by creating a new project. You can follow the step-by-step instructions in the Setting Up Your Project section below.

Setting Up Your Project

  1. On the Research Analysis Platform Projects screen, click the New Project button. The New Project wizard will open in a modal window.

  2. In the Project Name field, enter a name for your project.

  3. In the Application ID field, enter the number of the approved UK Biobank access application from which you'll draw the data to be used in this project.

  4. Check the Dispense data to the project to populate the project with the data specified on the linked access application.

  5. In the Billed To field, choose a wallet to which project billable activities should be charged.

  6. In the Access section, specify who will be able to Copy Data, Delete Data, and Download Data.

Within the Research Analysis Platform, every project must be linked to one and only one access application. A project cannot be linked to multiple access applications.

Dispensing Data

Dispensing data to your new project will take some time. Depending on the type of data being dispensed, this process can take over an hour, or even longer, in some cases. You can monitor the process by going back to the project list, where you can see the project status, including what percentage of the data has been populated.

Accessing and Using Project Data

Once data has been dispensed to your project, see the UK Biobank Data on the Research Analysis Platform page to learn more about how this data is organized, and how to access and use it.


I entered a valid Application ID but the Research Analysis Platform doesn’t accept it.

‌Ensure that:

  • The UK Biobank access application lists you as a collaborator

  • You're using an application that has received UK Biobank approval

I created a project and selected "Dispense Data to the Project," but I don't see any data.

As noted above, the process of dispensing data happens over a short period of time. When you first create a new project, you won’t see the data right away. You can monitor the process by checking the status of the project, in the project list. The process can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as 2 hours, depending on the scope of the access application.

I created a project but the dispensing process is stuck at "0%."

Your request to dispense data may be queued behind that of other users. The system will service your request in the order it was received. We appreciate your patience during that time.

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