Tools Library
The Research Analysis Platform provides a full-featured toolkit for preparing and analyzing a wide range of datatypes.

About the Tools Library

The Tools Library under the Tools tab of the platform shows a complete list of apps and workflows available to you. Use filters to quickly find items by name, category, etc.

Learning about Individual Apps

Clicking on the name of an app will open up a separate information page which contains details about the app's inputs, outputs, and other documentation details. For apps encapsulating existing bioinformatics tools this page also contains licensing information, links to the website for that software, and citations to any related publications. This page also shows the version history for the app and developer documentation which describes the inner workings of the app in detail.

Genomics Apps

Translational Analysis Apps

Statistical Analysis

JupyterLab app and JupyterLab with Spark Cluster app provide access to
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Seaborn
  • Pandas
JupyterLab app with STATA feature provides access to
  • Stata (stata license to be provided by the user)

Image Processing

JupyterLab app with ML_IP feature provides access to
  • nipype

ML frameworks

JupyterLab app with ML_IP feature provides access to
  • tensorflow
  • torch
  • cntk
  • keras
  • scikit-Learn
JupyterLab with Spark Cluster app provides access to
  • MLlib

Utility Apps

  • URL Fetcher fetches and uploads a file from a remote URL to the platform
  • AWS S3 Importer transfers files from S3 bucket to the platform
  • ttyd provides a web-based terminal to a platform virtual machine
  • Cloud Workstation provides an ssh-accessible workstation
  • Table exporter exports a specific entity or the cohort table to CSV
  • Dataset Extender ingests a data file and create a new, superset Dataset
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