Billing and Costs
Learn about your initial Research Analysis Platform usage credit, how to update billing info, and how storage costs are billed.
Users of the Research Analysis Platform are billed according to usage. Each new user receives a £40 credit toward usage costs.
To ensure uninterrupted access to all features, you'll need to provide a valid billing account before your credit runs out. View instructions here for how to add a billing account.
Your account spending limit will increase to £250 when you first set up billing information. You can further increase the spending limit afterward. You will be responsible for paying all charges.
If you haven't provided a valid billing account before your initial credit runs out, you will lose access to key features, such as the ability to upload data and run analyses. Once you provide a valid billing account, access will be restored.


All costs are quoted in British pounds (£). See the Platform rate card for detailed information on rates for data storage, data egress, and use of compute resources.
Users are not charged for the cost of storing UK Biobank data that has been dispensed to a project. The cost of storing this data is sponsored by Amazon Web Services. Only data that you add to your projects through running analyses (e.g., through running an analysis a new file is generated) or uploading data will incur charges.


To set up DNAnexus as a vendor, contact the DNAnexus Finance Department.

Shared Billing

To create an organization for the purpose of setting up shared billing, see these instructions.

Exceeding the Spending Limit

When a billing account’s spending limit is exceeded, functionality is restricted for those whose usage is billed to the account. They temporarily lose the ability to launch new analyses, upload data, or egress data. To restore full functionality, payment must be made to cover incurred charges or the billing account’s spending limit must be raised. For users working in a project linked to the restricted billing account, the project admin may also link the project to a different billing account, whose spending limit has not been exceeded.
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